5 Essential Tools Needed For DIY Tiling

Are you planning to lay tiles in a bathroom? But before you make a decision you must know that tile installation is a tricky process. Until you are an expert, you must not try to do it yourself; instead, hire tile installers in Perth to do the job.

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If you have decided to do it your way, here are some of the most significant tools that you would need in the process:

1. Grout Float

This tool contains a piece of metal that's rectangular and flat. It also includes a handle on top. The Grout Float is used during one of the last steps of installing tiles.

2. Putty Knife

This instrument is used for a variety of DIY jobs, such as laying bathroom tiles. It's also referred to as a taping knife. Putty knives are available in different thicknesses

3. Pry Bar

This is a basic metal bar used, as you might guess, to create leverage on different items. It's instrumental when you need a tool to remove tiles from a bathroom floor.

4. Tile Saw

This tool is used to cut tiles so they'll be the exact shape that you need. They're available in manual and powered versions. If you want to save money then you should consider a manual Tile Saw.

5. Trowel

This is a hand tool that's instrumental for various tasks, such as laying bathroom tiles. While there are gardening trowels, you'll need to use a bricklayer's trowel. The latter is also known as a pointing trowel. The tool has a blade that's flat and metal, and a handle. Trowels are used for leveling and spreading materials such as plaster, mortar, and cement.