All About Wholesale Clothing Distributors

Clothing wholesalers buy fabrics, apparel, upholstery, home furnishings, and accessories from manufacturers in bulk and resell them to retailers in smaller quantities. Wholesalers usually work from warehouses or offices without displaying their goods. 

They interact with their customers through dealers, over the phone, and online. Clothing wholesalers sell imported or locally produced goods or both. Clothing can include ready-made garments or fabrics. You can find the best clothing manufacturers via

The product range includes not only clothing for women, men, boys, girls, and babies, but also includes accessories such as scarves, hats, and gloves as well as some home furnishings. The industry is tightly integrated and many traders often produce goods themselves or source them from cheap places. 

This is due to the seasonal nature of the industry. There are also wholesalers who act purely as intermediaries from manufacturers to retailers. Their customers include retailers and online retailers

There are basically three categories of customers in the apparel industry. These are the top, middle and budget sectors, with the budget sector accounting for the largest share. Clothing wholesalers usually do not specialize in certain products or products for specific categories of customers, as specialization is not a big trend in this industry. 

However, some wholesalers focus on sub-segments such as women's clothing, children's clothing, or accessories.

The traditional distinction between apparel manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Some large retailers bypass distributors and deal directly with manufacturers. 

This is often achieved through the establishment of a subsidiary to handle purchasing and wholesale activities for the retailer. On the other hand, some large wholesalers are involved in retail by setting up their own outlets.