Boiler Maintenance Checklist In Australia

A study conducted by the National Council of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors sought to find the cause of most boiler accidents. They found that poor maintenance practices and low water outage errors were usually the cause. This includes more serious accidents that cause injury and damage to buildings. Our boiler maintenance checklist will help you avoid becoming a statistic in this research.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that the boiler system remains reliable, safe and efficient. Below are recommendations for the daily, weekly, monthly, biennial, and annual assignments. As always, follow your manufacturer's recommendations for routine maintenance and keep a boiler diary. You can also take help from Australia’s boiler training specialists to know more about boiler maintenance.

DAILY MAINTENANCE Technician checks boiler registration sheet on boiler inspection.

1. Check the glass manometer for water level, save the manometer and manometer for temperature.

2. Check operation of LWCO and ALWCO – Flush water column – Turn off burner.

3. Drain the glass.

4. Turn off the burner control, observe the reaction to the damage caused by the flame.

5. Pay attention to working limits and maximums.

6. Perform bottom blowdown to remove sediment and sediment.

7. Refractory Cone Observer Burner, looking for debris.


1. Check all burner controls and automatic traction control connections.

2. Check the burner air valve.

3. Check the function of the valve on the gas line.

4. Check the pilot light and lighter, see the condition of the flame.

5. Check operation of LWCO – flush boiler water level through the drain. Check the large glass to see if the stove is cut before you forget the water.