Can You Replace a Broken Door Handle

We've all heard those famous words when we leave the house… Did you remember to lock the front door? Your front door is the first thing you use when you come home from a long day at work and probably the last thing you check every night before bed. As a result, your door handle will be used a lot. Over time, they can wear out, the mechanism can be lost or even damaged, and the paint can fade and crack.

One day, perhaps a few years from now, the question will arise, "Do we need a new front door? Our old look will emerge! This is because many people associate worn or damaged handles with the need for a new front door – we have good news for you, this is not true! It is possible to 100% replace old and multi-story door handles with new ones without having to replace your entire door, saving you thousands!

In this guide, we'll talk about sliding door handle replacement and what door types it is possible on:

Can you replace a door handle on both a UPVC and Composite Door?

UPVC Doors are the most common type of front doors found. With UPVC doors, in almost 99.9% of cases, a replacement door handle is possible. No matter the age, color, or manufacturer it is possible to remove your old and worn door handle and replace it with a brand new one.

Composite doors, however, have a slightly lower percentage Around 90%. The reason for this is that some composite doors are bespoke-made and so have the door routed to accommodate the door handle and other hardware. This makes the job of sourcing a new handle a little trickier.