Compare Air Purifiers – Factors to Consider Before Purchasing One

Most people narrow their choices into two or more air purifiers before making a right decision. Use these  factors to compare head-to-head air purifiers. Keep in mind that it is not as important as you are right in using a ranking factor, but you consistently determine each of the purifiers you compare. You can also get more information about air purifiers at

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If you don't know the information needed to complete one of the some factors below, do additional research on the air service company website, internet reviews, or information websites.

For your best guess when everything fails. Many purifiers "sound good", but compared to head-to-head with other people, they fail. Let's start!

1) Which air contaminants are removed: Air purifier is only as good as what is removed from the air. There are six categories of contaminants. Every category is important and when combined, they are the basis for cleaning the air as a whole good. 

2) Quality: Quality defines good products. The value of each air purifier for quality in these three areas a) Fit, finish, and workmanship b) Quality of use cleaning technology and C) support: manual instruction, customer service, and company website. The value of each purifier: exceptional quality, good quality, or questionable quality for each factor. Now, rank each overall purifier: best quality, second best quality, third best quality, etc.

3) Warranty: a good warranty generally shows that the company has confidence in their products. When comparing, assess each purifier: a 5 year or larger warranty – excellent guarantee, 3-4 years – good, or 2 years or under warranty – fair. Ratings every best guarantee purifier, second best warranty, third best warranty, etc.

You can find the best air purifier by following these factors.