Custom Gate Options – How To Pick The Right One

Custom gates are one of the most important upgrades for a property. There are many types of gates available to homeowners, from traditional wooden or wrought iron gates to more modern and stylish options like retractable gates. Here are some types of gates and their typical features:

1. Traditional Gates: These typically feature a traditional design, including posts, rails, and a gate door. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or plastic.

Some traditional gates are openable from the inside or the outside, while others are only openable from the side. You can also look for custom house gates services in NZ. 

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2. Retractable Gates: These gates are often called “smart” gates because they can be opened and closed using an electronic controller. This type of gate is commonly used in entrances where space is limited or where there is a safety concern about children getting into the yard.

Retractable gates typically have a motor that raises and lowers the gate, and they often have sensors that detect when someone is close to the gate.

3. Gate Openers: These are small devices that homeowners use to open their traditional gates manually. Gate Openers come in different styles, including keyless entry systems, push-button systems, and screw drive systems.

Choosing the right gate for your property is important, and not just because they protect your property from trespassers. Different gates can also add style and functionality to your home.