Different Types Of Wall Panelling For Your Home

There are no boundaries to home improvement. Homeowners are exposed to dozens of options for home improvement every year. One of the most popular additions to this pool, panels as architectural elements in residential and commercial buildings is one of the best. 

This trend involves a single flat piece, such as wood, being cut into rectangular shapes and then installed as the visible and unobtrusive covering of a wall. This is done to enhance the building's functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

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Different types of paneling- There are many types of wall panels available on the market today. They are generally classified according to their intended use. These include:

1. You can use a variety of attractive materials, such as wainscot to enhance the wall's appearance. Wainscot can be made of either wood or synthetic materials, and decorated with carvings and other designs. The lower portion of a wall is usually where decorative wall panels are installed, though the height can vary. These panels are usually prefabricated, but you can also make your own. You can also use laminate, plastic, and stainless steel.

2. This material is made of perforated hardboard. It can be used for both functionality and aesthetics. You can use it to hang items with nails or pegs. It's common in commercial buildings, garages, and kitchens.

3. These panels are made of resin or melamine and are textured to look like ceramic tiles. They are then attached to a moisture-proof backing board. These panels are popular because they are affordable and don't have grout lines which makes them easy to clean.

4. Precast concrete can be used to frame exteriors of buildings and businesses.

Acoustic wall paneling is another type. These panels are used to block or reduce noise passing through walls. These panels can be made of wood, foam, or vinyl and covered with vinyl or fabric. These panels are used in auditoriums, hotel rooms, and schools.