Exploring the different parts of used cranes for sale in Australia

used cranes for sale in australia

At their most basic function, cranes are different from the other pieces of construction equipment as they do not need any other machinery or power to function. Whether it is the steam or gas or oil, the bulldozer, excavator or tractor will need some form of power. Of every construction equipment, the used cranes for sale in Australia are the grandfather.

What Is a Crane?

Machine that is utilized to lift and move heavy loads, machines, materials, and goods for a variety of purposes, a crane is used. In every different sectors of the industry, they are used. As they are required to build the skyscrapers we so often see in our cities today, the cranes are common along the skylines.

The Boom

The most recognizable part of a crane is the boom. It can either be telescopic or fixed when it comes to the longer arm of the boom. It depends on the variety of the crane and the way it is built, they take on various roles. Without the jibs, they can work well as it is the main component present in a crane.

To lift, move, and position the material, is the main purpose of the boom. They are responsible for determining the reach of the crane as they bear the majority of the load.

The Jib

The lattice-type structure that is attached at the end of the boom is the jib of a crane. It can help reduce the weight it adds to the front of the boom with the use of a lattice-type build. Like a boom can, it is fixed in the length and cannot be extended or retracted. To help move and lift materials, few versions of mobile cranes have a jib that is fixed to the end of the boom.

The Rotex Gear

Below the cab of the crane, the Rotex gear is the mechanism that is used. To rotate left and right is what it allows the cab and the boom. It is extremely important for the operation of the machine with a simple movement.


To counter the weight on the front of the crane while lifting the materials to prevent tipping, the name counterweight pretty much describes the purpose it serves. They generally increase their stability and help the addition of stability to the machine.


To ensure the safety of the crane, the outriggers may be one of the most important factors involved. Supplying an additional support is the function of an outrigger. Distribution of the load of the crane over a large enough area so that the crane itself does not tip over and become unstable, is the purpose of outriggers.

Reinforced-Steel Cable

They need some kind of line or rope to do the actual lifting in order for the cranes to actually lift and move the material. This material is a reinforced steel cable in the case of cranes. To mine the hoists in the 1830s, steel ropes were used. The wires here absorb any movement or force and have extremely high breaking points as they are highly reinforced.

The Hook

The crane should have some manner for the materials that needs to be attached to it finally. It is with the help of a hook which is a typical way this is done. It is mainly equipped with the help of a safety latch that can prevent the material from slipping off the hook in transit when it comes to the lifting hook.