Freight Forwarders: Who They Are And What They Do

Freight forwarders provide shipping solutions for individuals, trading companies, exporters and business importers who need to ship containers, boxes and packages from one country to another.

Although goods are often transported via courier and postal services to individual customers, Cargo forwarders usually control the movement of large quantities of goods.

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They act on behalf of the exporter and importer in delivering goods to customers at their destination in excellent condition and on time. This includes ordering goods with an airline, sea, road or rail routes. Some freight forwarders have their own road transport and move goods themselves.

All companies are subject to a large number of legal rules and guidelines, such as: Occupational Health and Safety, Labor Law, Accounting Standards and Public Accountability. In addition, there are legal issues affecting operators and their customers.

The role of the international freight forwarder is to take some precautions to allow goods to move from seller to buyer. This process usually involves traveling several thousand miles using one or more modes of transportation.

Before anyone needs his services, an agreement about the sale and contact for the delivery of a certain item must be made between the seller and the buyer. Many of these aspects of the contract directly influence the detail and type of contract that is ultimately concluded between the customer and the carrier.