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Manga is the Japanese word for comics in general. Outside of Japan, the term manga is used exclusively for Japanese comics. The manga covers a wide variety of genres and reaches audiences of a wide range of age groups. Manga is a very important part of the Japanese publishing industry and motivated many adaptations to various formats: animated series known as anime, movies, video games, and novels. If you are looking to buy manga(also known as acheter des mangas in the french language)then you can search over the internet.

Manga magazines are one of the most popular forms of manga distribution in Japan, selling millions of copies every week. Shonen Jump magazine, Japan’s most popular manga magazine, sells around 6 million copies every week. Shonen magazine follows with about 4 million copies.

Manga magazines are weekly or monthly editions with 200 to 900 pages in which there are several manga series consisting of 20 to 40 magazine pages. These magazines are usually printed on low-quality black and white paper, except for the cover and usually a few pages from scratch. Usually, when a series is successful, it is published in a magazine for several years.

Another option that has emerged from the spread of file sharing over the Internet is the digital electronic comic format. Manga in Japan is a real mass phenomenon. Only one fact illustrates the magnitude of this phenomenon: in 1989, 38% of all books and magazines published in Japan were manga.

As you can see from these figures, manga is not just a fad for young people. In Japan, there is a manga for all ages and social statuses, including housewives, civil servants, teenagers, office workers, and many more. Erotic manga, also known as hentai, accounts for a quarter of total sales.