How To Choose Pest Control Companies In Santa Rosa ?

Do ants roam freely all over your home, mice look for food in your kitchen and bed bugs keep you up all night? It is pretty common for homes to become breeding grounds of different pests that include ants, bed bugs, beetles and cockroaches to name a few. 

While you might take some preventive measures to resist their attack, in most cases you would need to hire a pest control company like Crown and Shield Pest Solutions for best results. 

Here are some tips to choose pest control companies:

  • Licensed

This is the first thing that you need to ask a contractor. In most of the states and regions regulatory agencies issue pest control licenses to the contractors. If the firm isn’t licensed it is time you knock on some other door. Also make sure to carry liability insurance as this ensures reimbursement in case of any loss or damage caused to your property. 

  • Inspection Is Vital

A professional contractor would inspect your home before discussing the methods to remove the pests and the types of pesticides that would be used, the potential health hazards if any etc. 

This allows you to get a detailed picture of how the work would be carried out in your homes. Stay away from companies that aren’t willing to carry out a detailed inspection.