How Your Calendar Can Help You Hustle In Philadelphia?

Starting a side gig is no easy task: Use these tips to stop delaying:

1. Begin With a Fresh Routine With an online calendar

In order to deal with the clutter of your page, you need to take the time to do it. Starting your day with a productivity-focused morning routine can open up your schedule and help you devote time to your dreams. 

Getting up early is the key. Spending even an hour before work adds up to 300 hours a year. Every minute counts and your online calendar can help you make the most of every minute. You can also search and find the best science events in Philadelphia with the help of online events calenders.

2. Optimize your day

Your tomorrow is just the beginning. Your online calendar can help you adjust every hour of your schedule to maximize your time. Improved time management creates space for your side hustle.

3. Unleash your potential with timeboxing

One method you can use to manage your time more efficiently is timeboxing. To do this, you need to set time slots in your online calendar for certain tasks and then stick to them.

When it comes to your side gigs, you may find that your main show likes to annoy you. Timeboxing allows you to ensure that nothing else builds on the time that you want to put into it.

4. Bombard yourself with memories

You can set reminders in your online calendar to work by your side. Just create an event and choose how quickly you want to be reminded. This can give you time to decompress before diving in.