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In essence, an HVLP gun is an air spray gun it utilizes air as its main atomization force. Both HVLP and conventional air spray guns employ the exact two components of compressed air: volume and pressure, however in different amounts. 

The pressure, usually expressed in terms of grams per square inch, or PSI, and the volume, measured in cubic feet/minute are both essential for either gun to function. You can also get more information about spray guns via panelstore.co.nz/collections/gear/spray-gun.

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In the beginning, HVLP guns were originally made to utilize extremely large amounts of CFM which were produced through compressors and not turbines. These turbines generated at times thousands of CFM but only a tiny amount of pressure. 

To stay in the same league as turbine HVLP guns manufacturers of traditional air spray guns quickly came up with a method to change their guns to HVLP by using compressed air instead of turbine air. Today, HVLP guns are as popular as conventional guns.

HVLP technology demonstrated that, if you utilized large volumes of air instead of pressure, as traditional guns, you would not just atomize coatings but also do it more efficiently. The increase in efficiency was due to the fact that particles that were atomized by the paint moved slower than those that were created by high-pressure air. You can even search online for more information about spray guns.