Learn The Important Features of Document Management Software

Document management software automates the importing and indexing of electronic files directly into the document management system. The software application allows working with almost all types of electronic files like images, documents from network scanners, digital photocopiers or fax servers and original electronic files from any source or media. If you want to learn about document management software visit knowledgemill.com/solutions/benefits-why-we-are-different/document-management/.

document management software

It features capturing and exporting tools that allow scanning of images directly to folders from local or remote locations, faxing documents and images directly to folders through automated processes. 

The workflow features allows:

  • Release and expiration of approval workflow, 
  • Pre-defined workflow process for automation, 
  • Document reviewing workflow, 
  • Records management workflow, 
  • Personal and group task list management, 
  • Assigning workflow tasks based on metadata, 
  • Controlling new task notifications and 
  • Password enabled approval task completion

These are some of the features of document management software. There are a number of software applications available for scanning. Web based Document Management system allows management of files on the website through web-based content management tools that provide access to documents through central storage systems, whether intranet or internet based systems.