Panna a Panna – Tips to Make Your Soccer Sessions More Effective

We all know the importance of practice when it comes to perfecting our skills. This is very true when it comes to perfecting Panna a Panna soccer skill. Kids are always looking to try something new and prefer to learn something new rather than practice the already taught skills. However, the key to perfecting those skills is regular practice, and you must ensure that they practice previously taught skills regularly.

Keeping the kids from getting bored with repeated practice of the same skills is a challenge, and here are some tips to make those practice sessions interesting and readily acceptable to the kids.

Tips to Make Practice Session more Interesting and Effective

  1. Set an Example for punctuality, skills, patience

If you want the children to be disciplined and purposeful with their practice sessions, you have to show them the way by setting an example. Kids observe and follow what you do. To organize the sessions properly, be punctual on the field, display your talent and give equal opportunity for everyone to learn from you. Winning the trust and respect of your students in this way is essential for effective learning.

  1. Bring Own Ball

Tell the kids to get their ball to the field every day. Each kid needs to have a ball during training. Keep a few spare balls with you in case a few of the kids turn up without one.

  1. Practice Basis tricks regularly

Some moves and tactics such as kicking, dribbling, throwing, and passing have to be practiced daily as they are the game’s basic skills. You must ensure that every kid practices these daily. While some are enthusiastic about this, others may need a little persuasion from you.

  1. Explore new things

While soccer drills are essential, it is also imperative to have more games during practice. The real test of a player’s skill is his ability to use them effectively in a game. Games allow you to observe the player’s skills in action and try out new things while emphasizing soccer.

  1. Teach the Importance of teamwork and discipline

The success of any team depends on teamwork and discipline. Kids will make mistakes and will tend to fall out of line. Any discipline violations, whether minor or significant, should be discussed with the kids involved and rectified. Discipline is an area where the kids will need counseling skills.

  1. Everyone should actively participate

While you keep a watch over the game and everyone’s performance, keep an eye out for players who are not actively participating. Everybody must take an active part in the game. If you notice players who are a bit hesitant to do so, talk to them about the importance of their role and their positions.

  1. Practice scrimmage

To make the team’s defense strong, it is essential to practice scrimmage, but it is easy to overdo it.  Twenty minutes before the game is more than enough for a scrimmage, and do it without a goalkeeper to learn to defend without relying on him.

  1. Be Innovative

Innovation is the hallmark of a good instructor. Innovation also helps keep the interest of the players.

Incorporate the above tips in your Panna a Panna soccer training sessions. They will surely help the kids in picking up and perfecting their skills in minimal time.