Playing the Game of Soccer on Basketball Court Rules

What does Basketball need to do with playing soccer? How can it be done? These are a number of the questions you’re probably asking yourself. Well, let me explain. Playing soccer on basketball court is that the concept of using offensive games, almost like those utilized in Basketball to:

1) Control the ball,

2) Control the pace or flow of the sport,

3) Increase your scoring opportunities and goal production

4) Reduce the number of scoring opportunities and production of goals

5) Reduce the quantity of time your defenders need to play defense

Today’s emphasis or objective in soccer is “NOT TO LOSE.” Teams specialize in playing a full defense game by keeping four (4) to eight (8) players within the defensive scheme. With the defensive players outnumbering the offensive players, it’s no wonder soccer may be a low-scoring game. If a team scores a mean of two goals a game, it’s considered an honest offensive team.

Developing the soccer idea

Developing this idea is simple. You only draw a court and diagram an easy play with 3-4 options. Then you’re taking the court diagram with taking the play options and expanding it to the approximate dimensions of the bench. Leave the players within the same relative positions as you develop the chart. Then you progress the players out far away from the bench.

Place the forwards about halfway between the bench and, therefore, the centerline. Place the midfielders on the defensive side of the middle line. They’re going to be initiating the plays once they reach their starting spots on the sector. The starting spots are the sector locations you would like your players to be at before starting offensive play. You’ll need to make some adjustments as you refine the movement of the players, the timing of the players’ routes, passing sequences, etc..

Checking the game rules

Now check out the players’ movements and, therefore, the ball you’ve got just created a soccer play (a planned sequence of actions). What you now have is an offensive scheme to use so that all players know the following:

1) Where they belong on the sector as a start line

2) Who will receive the ball in every pass

3) Where they have to be moving to on each pass (anticipation)

4) Who will get the attempt to score?

5) Where each player got to get on the shot, just in case of a rebound, undergo the goalmouth, etc.

You can create 3-5 of those plays. Use two or three of them during a game. You’ll also use two of them within the half, then change to different games during the half time. Use your creativity.

Using the basketball concepts on the soccer field also resulted in a fewer goals scored by our opponents. By maintaining control of the ball and fixing our plays, our opponents have fewer scoring opportunities. You’ll honestly say that “the best defense” may be a good offense that controls the ball and gameplay.