Practice Soccer in 5 a Side Field for Perfection in Games

Most of the efforts go towards running drills to try and teach their players specific skills as newer coaches start to learn how to coach soccer. It is something that should be expected. You are given a team with very little understanding of how to play so the coach has to start from scratch with teaching skills oftentimes. Spending too much time focus on specific skills will not necessarily prepare your players for game situations is where the issue lies, which is why playing in a 5 a side field is the best.

You should work on coming up with ways to work on the skills that you are trying to teach your team into game situations as you learn more about how to coach soccer. Using a small-sided game as a part of your regular practices is a great way to get this done.

The difference that lies within

Small-sided soccer games are a bit different as a lot of soccer coaches will use scrimmages. Controlled games allow their players to concentrate on certain aspects of the game as small-sided games are not big. Small-sided games typically will set different goals or put different rules on the game instead of just blowing the whistle and allowing your kids to start playing a game.

If you wish your team to work on passing the skills, you might set a rule that needs a team to make three successful passes before they are even allowed to take on a shot on goal, for instance. For every three successful passes a team is making, they get a single point and could change the scoring. The team would think more about passing instead of shooting is what it makes.


To make your team aim at a single specific part of the game, there are many different variations you could place together. You could also set up a situation where you have two players on the field that always play defense if you want your team to get used to defensive pressure. The attacking team is always outnumbered in this way. To their non-dominated foot, you could only need players to shoot. There countless different situations that the players has to face.

Teaching the right game

You are teaching them to play as you teach your players to play this game. If they are not able to perform those skills during a game, then knowing the skill is of very limited value as it is quite important here. During a game, knowing how to coach soccer means knowing how to get your players prepared. You have done your job as a youth soccer coach if they can do that.

To use in games the skills that they practice, young players need the opportunity. There are a few questions that need to be answered. Will he always aim at practicing on the setting drills if a coach practices setting scores with his players? Will he be able to retain and transfer the skill in a proper manner?