Save Money With Prefab Homes

As odd as it may seem with the housing market in such a depressed state, the demand for prefab or prefabricated, homes is on the rise.

The fact that you can purchase a prefab home for 10-25% less than a conventional home may have something to do with the sudden interest in this type of real estate. Not only is this housing option environmentally friendly, but it is also possible to save money with prefab homes.

You can also hire prefab home contractor via various online sources.

Prefab homes are preassembled in a factory and then transported to the land site chosen by the homeowner. Since the house is constructed in a factory with thousands of other buildings, the manufacturer is able to negotiate bulk rates on their materials.

Additionally, manufacturers run their factories as efficiently as possible so as to use resources responsibly and create very little waste. This helps them keep costs low and the savings is passed onto the consumer. Another place where homeowners save money is in the installation of their prefab home.

Since the majority of the building structure is assembled at the factory, when it is transported to the land site there isn't a whole lot left to do except attaching it to the foundation. The contractor is able to complete the remaining construction quickly thus saving the homeowner time and money.

A frequently asked question about prefab homes is whether the average layperson can assemble the house themselves which will allow them to forgo the expense of hiring a contractor. Yes, you can. However, unless you have experience in construction, it is probably not a good idea to do it yourself. Putting the home together is only part of the process.