Selecting the Right ADA Compliant Swimming Pool Lift From the Right Company

Information on the new ADA pool rules was signed. This change should be implemented later. The new law requires all public swimming pools to be equipped with an access control system. Pools larger than 300 feet walk require two access aids. The main means of entry must be compatible with ADA elevators or inclined entry.

The secondary agent must be one of the following; Transfer wall, transfer system or ladder. For swimming pools, less than 300 linear meters in length, only an assisted access system is required with kingfisher pool lift or sloping entrance. 

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How much maintenance does the device need? Will portable elevators have more faults and require more maintenance than stationary elevators? There will be more confusion with portable elevators, such as drives, control panels, electronics, abuse, falls in the pool, etc. than vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles; If the module stays for a longer period of time, are there more problems?

What if you have a problem with the lift, does the company help with repairing or warranty issues? Several companies are set up to properly handle warranty and/or elevator spare parts issues in the future. Choose a company that deals with warranty and parts issues.

Manufacturer considerations: how long have they been in business? Will you get spare parts in 5 to 10 years? What is your guarantee process like? Most of the warranty is only part. How long does it take the manufacturer or seller you purchased the lift from to receive the warranty parts?