Several Uses Of A Survival Knife

Proper training is essential when it comes to the use of your Survival Knife. Learn as much as you can about survival skills and watch videos. You can also sign up to take classes at your local outdoor shop. Your safety and effectiveness when using your commando knives are both assured by education. You can use your survival knives for 3 important purposes.


Your survival knife can be used to make weapons such as arrows, spears, or fish hooks for hunting food. Your knife can be used to create traps and snares that capture your food. If you don't have the right skills or are looking for something to eat with your possum, your Survival Knife can be used to collect edible plants. You can watch videos or read books if you are unable to sign up for training.

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Self Defense

You don't have to defend yourself by hiding behind a wall made of mud or slicing someone's neck commando-style. Your survival knife can be used to make traps and weapons to keep you away from anyone trying to hurt you.


The shelter can keep you safe from the elements and protect your gear from unwelcome guests. A good survival knife can make the process easier when you have to cut branches, ropes, and other materials for your shelter.

A good survival knife can help you make or secure almost anything you need to survive and prosper outdoors.