Steps To Follow To Make Your Baby Sleep Effectively

Always remember that every baby in the developmental plan is unique. See how your child reacts to sleep training, and if they don't look ready, slow them down and try again in a few weeks. Here are some tips to help your baby sleep well at this age:

1. Make sure your baby is stimulated during the day so they tend to sleep longer at night. Watch your baby for signs at This can be a game signal or a sleep signal. Babies aged 3-6 months love to walk, listen to music, play with toys, or just cuddle with mom or dad.

2. Meeting your baby's needs is very important and requires parental attention. Being active during the day teaches your baby the difference between day and night.

3. Teach your baby to fall asleep on his own. As with adult sleep, we have cycles of sleep, deep sleep and light sleep. Light sleep is when we wake up for a while. This can be a few seconds or a few minutes. We do all this without being aware of it. After being awake for a while, we can automatically fall back asleep.

4. The baby is the same. They also have a sleep cycle. But they have a shorter time between deep sleep and light sleep than us adults. The smaller the baby, the more awake the moment. Therefore, the ability to go back to sleep is very important when it comes to procrastinating at night.