Strategies To Find The Best Office Space To Rent

Small businesses have a tight commercial real estate market. Because of the rise of startups, there is a shortage of office space available for rent. Ideal space should be comfortable for both clients and employees.

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It is important to consider the commute times of key employees. Ask your employees how far they live from the space. You may have to consider other options if many people will be traveling long distances. Long commutes can be frustrating and costly for employees.

Space to Grow

A short-term lease is a good option if you are looking for growth in the short term. Renting office space usually comes with high fees for early termination.

The lessee should also know whether the company is allowed to make any modifications to the space such as painting or decorating. You may need to modify the space as your business grows.


Consider how your clients might perceive the neighborhood and the distance to them. Face-to-face interactions are essential in this digital age. Renting office space has a return on investment. You want to ensure that your space yields the highest ROI.

Surrounding Environment

How is the environment around this area? Consider the parking situation for your clients and employees if you are in an urban setting. Look around and see if there are any nearby cafes or restaurants for lunches or meetings.