Stretching Exercises Before a Bowling Game

Though many think of bowling as a non-physical game, it does (to a certain extent) involve physical action and requires a lot of bodily movements. The swinging and bowling ball's rolling are all bodily movements that require physical effort and putting a considerable amount of stress on muscles and joints.

Before any bowling game, it is a good idea to stretch. You can prepare your joints and muscles by stretching. These are some tips and techniques to help you stretch before you pick up your bowling ball. You can get the more information about the kids bowl free program online.

Tip #1: Bowling stretching exercises

Your head should be pointing towards your chest. You will feel a pull in the back of your neck. Keep your head in this position for approximately 5 seconds, then turn your head to the left and right.

Tip #2: The arms for bowling stretching

Hold your right arm straight up and lift it to a height that is higher than your head. Then, bend your right arm at the elbow and hold it with one hand. Repeat this for each arm for a total of ten seconds.

Tip #3: The legs when you're doing bowling stretching exercises

Your right leg should be in front of your left. Then, place your hands on your thighs. It is important to keep your back straight while doing this. Repeat this process for both legs. After ten seconds, switch legs.