The Benefits Of Integrating Color Swatches

Customers can choose from a variety of colors in ecommerce. If you want to create the ultimate user experience, color swatches for product colors are the best way to manage product options. 

You can try shopify color swatches app via to check different color options for your online store. Color swatches create smooth navigation so customers can select different colors from the same page without having to go back to the catalog or the product pages again – or reloading the website. 

Shopify Color swatches app

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Let's now look at the best practices for color swatches and what to be aware of when setting them up.

Interactive swatches

Interactive swatches allow you to directly compare colors from the product list without having to visit the product page.

Interactive swatches are not interactive and require customers to go to the product page. This reduces the UX benefits. Interactive swatches are a great way to enhance the user experience, especially for visually-driven products like clothes, shoes, and furniture.

There is a clear difference in the swatches

Customers should be able to see that the product image has been changed by selecting a different swatch for enhanced UX. Interactive swatches won't be of any benefit to customers if this happens. 

First, ensure that your product image is large enough to allow for clear changes. You might also consider adding product images from different angles to create product variations.