The Different Styles of Fine Mens Wallets

Wallets are considered as one of the most important items simply because they contain money. Although the most popular designs are women’s wallets, men’s wallets are also very stylish. Whether you are planning to buy one for yourself or giveone as a gift, here are some of the great types of wallets for men available in stores today.

Double wallet

This type of refined men’s wallet is one of the simplest designs. As the name suggests, the entire wallet folds in half. The great thing about the double wallet is that it can keep banknotes and cards securely in place without overstretching your pockets. But it doesn’t allow you to carry that much cash and hence this type of wallet is a good choice when traveling when you may not want to carry too many bills but need to have a secure place for your credit card.

Wallet with three folds

This time the wallet is divided into three parts and therefore tends to be a bit more. It is also a great choice for traveling as it gives you more space to store credit cards and ID. Apart from that, the wallet style also allows you to carry a certain amount of money. But the downside of men’s trifold wallets is that they may not give you instant and direct access to all your money and cards as easily as a double-fold wallet.

Credit card holder

This type of wallet is a very simple and relatively smaller bag that is designed to do one thing and that is to store your credit cards and ID. When cards are stored in the same wallet, they can be very susceptible to scratches and damage. And therefore a separate holder will solve all this. In addition, this men’s wallet can make your wallet slimmer and easier to carry. Finally, it’s always safer to keep your two important items separate so that if you lose your wallet, you’re also protecting your credit card from loss.