The Elegant Combination of Black and White Truffle Sea Salt

The insanely delicious, almost indescribable taste of black truffle salt redefines the word "salty". Made using the best Pacific Ocean Sea Salt available, this salty delight elevates simple, un-spoiled dishes to gastronomic feats of culinary brilliance. Like truffled beef, white truffle salt goes well with a wide range of cuisines. In fact, it's become so popular that it's rare to find someone who doesn't have some on hand!

There are many variations on the classic truffle salt, from variations adapted for use in the oven or for baking, to white or even black truffle salt for cooking. The type of sea salt you buy depends on your desired form. The most common is the all-natural, unsullied form, which is much less pricey than the grade A form. While grade A truffle salt goes through a more extensive milling process than the all-natural variety, it also has a higher concentration of flavor. The latter is better suited for cooking, but both varieties can be found in supplement stores.

For baking, an all-natural black truffle sea salt works perfectly. It brings out the natural sweetness of the apple cider vinegar, but to a lesser degree than the heavier balsamic vinegar, resulting in a less apparent alcohol scent. Used as a basting sauce, it gives the bread just the right amount of time to brown before being inserted into the baked foods. The lower alcohol content helps preserve its more intense flavor. You can find this variety in supplement form, or make a large batch at home and add it to other foods.

Black truffle sea salt has a slightly different flavor from its white cousin. This form has a slightly charcoal flavor that is not too earthy. Instead, it is considered more like the nutty, earthly taste of lightly-cooked raw meat or fish. It pairs perfectly with cheeses like brie, quinceanera, and camembert. The earthy flavor is perfect for using with salads and vegetable dishes, or as a side dish on grilled sandwiches.

Black truffle sea salt comes in a number of different forms. One is the olive Morada variety, which is the lightest of the black salts. Another is the black Morada de Arroz, which is almost the same as the black Morada de Arroz, but with a much darker hue. You can use the all-natural Morada de Arroz to season Spanish, Italian, and Mexican cuisine, or you can use it for other purposes. It pairs wonderfully with grilled fish and vegetables and also goes great as an accompanying spice on Mexican chili.

Another type of this type of sea salt comes in the form of crystal salt, which is much heavier than the traditional black variety. This crystal salt tends to be a bit grayish-black, and is often referred to as "black on white". If you are looking to buy this kind of salt, make sure you view the full product details. Most retailers will be able to tell you the exact shade of black that they have. The best option is to view the full product description so that you know exactly what you're getting.

Many restaurants will serve this luxurious sea salt on their menu, and you can often find it used to enhance rich Italian meals. The black truffle salt has a gorgeous color and goes great with salmon, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, and asparagus. It pairs beautifully with cheeses, cheeseburgers, and even seafood. Some people use it in place of ordinary table salt for grilled foods because it adds such a rich flavor.

So when you're looking for a wonderful way to season your foods, look for one that offers an exquisite combination of color. Choose an Italian black truffle salt that will pair well with a wide range of meats, vegetables, and cheeses. Once you start using it in different ways, you'll find that it's difficult to imagine food without it.