The Key to Successful Mediation – Hire the Right Mediator

Whether your litigation involves personal injury, death by mistake, insurance claims, family law, divorce, custody, or alimony, you should consider mediation to complete your settlement. If you have a lawyer to represent you, mediation will likely be discussed during the pending trial. 

You should select a qualified and experienced mediator to optimize your chances of successfully resolving your legal dispute. You can now look for the best divorce, water rights and land rights mediation services via

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Definition of mediation: – Mediation is an effective alternative dispute resolution method in which the disputing parties legally agree to appoint a neutral third party as a mediator. The role of the mediator is to study the facts and arguments of all parties, facilitate communication between the parties, and assist the parties in formulating a possible dispute resolution. 

The mediator remains neutral and may not provide legal advice to the parties. Nearly every civil lawsuit filed in a Texas state court has a judge appointing attorneys and mediating parties prior to trial. However, the procedure is non-binding, meaning you can choose whether to settle your case or, alternatively, not settle your case and continue your case in court. No one can force you to resolve your case during mediation.

Whether your litigation is a civil lawsuit or pending dispute, and whether you have an attorney or you represent yourself, mediation can be used to try to resolve a dispute with the other party.