Three Basic Types Of Flange Guards

Flange Guards are specially designed to prevent the situation of spray outs from piping components such as Stainless steel flange, Stainless steel valve(also called หน้าแปลนสแตนเลส ราคา in the Thai language), flow meters and joints in chemical industries. These are really helpful in creating a barrier between the chemical flowing through the piping system and the external environment.

To avoid such circumstances, these flanges guard also known as safety shields have been installed. Its main purpose is to give temporary control on the leakage, so, that you can take necessary action to avoid this situation.

Three basic of its types, which are as follows helps you to choose the right one, which suits your industrial need.

Spray Shields: These are highly recommended because of their physical strength. The best thing about this flange guard or spray shield is that it is Teflon coated and gives indication through change its PH colour, so, that one can easily take necessary action to avoid the situation of spray out.

Plastic Shields: This type of safety shields is less expensive than any other of its types and mostly used in chemical systems. It also has PH patches indicators and usually made by three-ply lamination and non-woven cloth

Meta Shields: These are made by using high-quality stainless steel or galvanized steel, which make them able to withstand harsh situations. You can easily install it on your own by using a screwdriver

So, why are you still thinking? Go and buy it from reputed Spray Guards manufacturers, who are engaged in dealing a wide range of PTFE products, so, that they can easily get the exact product you are looking for.