Tips On Finding The Best Pocket Video Camera In Singapore

Now that everyone wants to post videos on YouTube, pocket camcorders are becoming more and more popular. This lightweight pocket-sized camcorder functions the same as a full-size camcorder, but is much easier to use, making it widely known as a point-and-shoot camera. However, because the small Blackmagic pocket cinema camera is more compact, it sacrifices video quality and has fewer features than a full-size camcorder.

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For example, these cameras usually only have a fixed focus lens, not a zoom lens. However, they are the perfect purchase for the amateur videographer who just wants to catch fun pet tricks or a baby's first words or steps. Here are some tips for finding the best pocket camcorder you can buy.

The first consideration when buying a handheld camcorder is image quality. If you just want to upload videos to video sharing sites, the average handheld camera will meet your needs. However, if you plan to display a video on your HD TV, you will need to purchase a model that can record HD quality video.

There are now many handheld cameras that can shoot HD video, but they are at least $100 more expensive than the regular model. Even if you just bought a handheld camcorder that only records in basic video formats, you may still want one with a higher recording resolution to ensure you get the best video quality.

Can the memory of the pocket camcorder then be expanded? The mini camera's internal memory usually allows you to store between one and two hours of video material, depending on whether you're shooting in plain or HD format. You can record for a long time with an SD memory card.