Vital Aspects of Tow Truck Calgary Services

There are several things that should be taken into consideration when you are in the market for a tow truck. There is varied kind of trucks in the market suited for different towing requirements, and you would wish to make sure that you get the best one to meet your needs. There are companies out there offering tow truck Calgary services, and we ensure that you pay good attention prior to making any kind of purchase.

Curb Weight

The complete weight of the vehicle when the fuel tank is filled is considered as the curb weight. You will need to control the entire weight of the truck to get the best fuel efficiency for the vehicle, as with most of the tow truck operators. You should be able to calculate the overall weight of your rig and figure out the ideal way of approaching things when you are towing a vehicle.

Towing Capacity

You should be knowing the towing capacity if you are going to use your truck to tow. It is quite different from the load capacity or the passengers for the normal trucks. The towing capacities would take into account the horsepower, body strength, torque, etc.

To make sure that it is more than just the weight of the vehicles that you would be towing in order to avoid any kind of damages on the vehicles as your towing capacity should be quite high.

Chassis Design

This is the criterion that is often ignored as the design of the chassis can increase the strength of the frame of your vehicle. It is quite important while you are going to offer roadside assistance to the stranded vehicle. To join the frame and body more strongly, allowing you to tow with less effort is your final choice in terms of having a chassis design.

Drive System

Front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive are the choices that you are going to have in your drive systems. It would mean basically that this transmission will be offering you the power to the front wheels, rear wheels, or all the wheels for movement along with the navigation. Towing weight along with fuel efficiency can help make the best choice as you need to take into account the terrain.


You need to pay a lot of attention to the gears of the tow truck to select the right kind of transmission. The transmission of the tow truck is supposed to create greater traction that happens when the low gears of the truck have greater strength. It is quite a simple and yet effective change allowing the tow trucks to have a better pull and push with greater stability than the normal trucks.

Wheelbase Distance

By seeing how far apart the front wheel axis is from the rear wheels, you can easily measure the wheelbase distance of a truck. This is the distance the affects the amount of weight that can be distributed easily in the body and is carried out on the front or even the rear axis. You may not be able to offer any kind of roadside assistance to heavier vehicles if the wheelbase distance is not balanced properly.