Waffle Pod Footing system For Concrete Slab Construction

Home tile types include waffle tiles, plain tiles, brick tiles and under house tiles. Conventional reinforced concrete slabs are the most popular form in Sydney. It is used in about 90% of homes in Sydney. Concrete is a universal material that is relatively inexpensive. 

Easily adaptable and adaptable to different site slopes and ground conditions. Concrete floor slabs are an unrivaled subfloor material – strong and stable, resistant to termites and decay, and virtually maintenance free. Waffle pod slab systems can be designed and shaped for all soil conditions. 

Attic Slabs Suspended reinforced slabs are the ideal solution for sloping or uneven ground floor slabs in Sydney. It can be cast on site with the help of lost or temporary formwork. Supported on the ground by pillars or walls, it can cover a large area due to its high strength. 

Concrete slabs are often used when renovating, building, expanding or remodeling your existing sydney home, even if the original building was not. Waffle Panels are constructed entirely above ground by pouring concrete into a polystyrene block box known as a “blank mould”. 

Piers and slabs with more reactive soils, it is common practice to sink concrete piles into the ground to increase stability. This is usually done by digging holes at a distance and depth determined by an engineer, then pouring concrete in and attaching slabs to these piles.