What Are The Benefits of NVMe?

NVMe technology gives you greater storage, speed and better compatibility. Since NVMe uses PCIe connectors, it transfers 25 times more data than the equivalent SATA.

With the more data and commands, NVMe's commands are two times quicker than drivers that use AHCI. Additionally, the input/output operation each second (IOPS) surpasses 1 million and can be up to 90% faster than the AHCI drives.  If you want to store more data you can also buy 2tb nvme ssd.

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NVMe also connects directly to the system CPU, resulting in phenomenal speeds because of its compatibility. NVMe drives can be used with the majority of operating systems, regardless of the size.

The NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a communication device and driver which makes use of the higher bandwidth that PCIe provides. It's designed to boost efficiency and performance while providing a wide range of client and enterprise systems interoperable. 

NVMe was developed specifically for SSDs and can communicate between both the interface for storage and CPU via high-speed PCIe sockets with no limitations on form aspect.

The NVMe protocol makes use of the use of parallel, low-latency, data paths to the media that is used as the base including high-performance processor architectures. This delivers significantly more performance and lower latencies when compared with SAS or SATA protocols. 

NVMe supports multiple queues of I/O, up to 64K , with each queue with 64K entries. This allows input/output processes to move more data at a faster rate than older storage models with older drivers like the AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface). Since NVMe is specifically designed for SSDs It will eventually become the standard for the industry.