What Is A Cape Fear Orthopedic?

Cape Fear Orthopedic is a surgical and medical practice that provides comprehensive care for patients with musculoskeletal conditions. From sports injuries to arthritis, our team of specialists will help you get the treatment you need.

One of the most common orthopedic procedures is ankle reconstruction surgery, which is often necessary due to injuries sustained during accidents or other incidents. he also specializes in foot and ankle surgery, including treatments for arthritis, neuromas, and spur fractures. You can also the best cape fear orthopedic professional services or you may check useful references here.

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The mission of Cape Fear Orthopedic is to provide high-quality, compassionate care to our patients through excellent orthopedic care and clinical research. We are dedicated to providing the best possible patient experience by offering a variety of services that includes sports medicine, foot & ankle surgery, spinal surgery, and more.

Cape Fear Orthopedic provides a variety of orthopedic services to patients in the Wilmington, NC area. Services offered include sports medicine, spinal surgery, foot and ankle surgery, and more. Patients can find information on the clinic's website about each service, as well as reviews from other patients.

The costs associated with orthopedic care can be quite high, depending on the severity of the injury. For example, a broken ankle may require surgery to fix the bone and may require months of physical therapy. In addition, some orthopedic treatments, such as joint replacements, may require long-term medication or follow-up appointments.

Patients seeking treatment at Cape Fear Orthopedic will likely experience a short wait time due to the high demand for medical services at the facility. Treatment may take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the specific condition being addressed.