Working Moms – Small Habits That Can Life

As a working mom, stress, overwork and chaos seems to be just a part of life. The key to reducing these things so that you can better manage and enjoy life with your career and kids is to adopt habits and routines that eliminate some of the decision making and clutter (both physical and mental) so you can focus on them. 

You do the things that matter most to you, like be present and productive, both at work and at home. You can empowered the working moms by just giving their personal space and some respect.

The Empowered Mom

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The  Habits Are  Following

1: Make your bed every morning.

Like  said, it's a habit you started last year that took me by surprise in less than a minute, but You felt great all day long. You love seeing the bed made. You like to walk past my room or into my room and see the smooth surface of the blankets and pillows that are neatly arranged. You wonder how satisfying it is to feel a simple change in my life. 

2: Clean the kitchen every night.

You admit this is a habit You learned from my husband. You often find 50 different reasons (okay, sorry) to wait until morning to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. Although You might feel better now that You can relax or do something funnier, You hate walking into the kitchen in the morning next to a pile of dishes and messy things.